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I see you cover dental/oral surgery offices. What else can you do?

That's correct!  We love providing anesthesia for dental and oral surgery offices, but we provide anesthesia solutions across the healthcare spectrum.

What type of facilities do you cover?

You will find our providers in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, dental surgery centers, medical offices and clinics throughout North Carolina.

What type of anesthesia services do you offer?

At Safe Smiles NC we offer full-service anesthesia solutions.  We provide general anesthesia/deep sedation, moderate sedation, conscious sedation, and regional anesthesia.  We administer intravenous ketamine for depression, PTSD, and chronic pain.  We also administer IV wellness infusions.

Are your providers local?

Yes!  All of our providers live and work in North Carolina.  We vet and hand-pick each member of our team to provide the highest quality care to our patients.

I need anesthesia in my office, but I'm not equipped. Can you help?

Absolutely!  We will do an on-site visit to determine what necessary equipment, medication, monitors and/or supplies are needed and provide those items on the day of service.

Can you provide sedation in a dental office if I don't have a sedation permit?

Of course!  We provide sedation services to both permitted and non-permitted dentists.  We have anesthesiologists that collaborate with our CRNAs to provide full-scope anesthesia services utilizing the medical model.

My schedule can be inconsistent.  Are you flexible?

Seasons change and so do schedules.  Whether you need anesthesia services 5 days a week or 1 day a month, we can customize a schedule to fit your needs.

What do you bring?


  • Patient monitoring equipment

  • Supplies for each case

  • Medications

  • Airway/emergency equipment

  • Anesthesia instructions, consents, records

My practice is very busy.  Can I get more than one provider at a time?

Multiple anesthesia providers and multiple problem! We specialize in customized anesthesia solutions.

You can deliver anesthesia, what else do you do?

On the day of surgery/procedure, we will do a full review of the patients' medical history, consult with the doctor providing treatment, and customize an anesthesia plan for the case.  We will monitor and treat the patient throughout the perioperative process until it is determined they are safe to discharge.  When requested, we provide pre-procedure patient consults prior to the day of surgery to review lab and diagnostic tests to ensure patient optimization.

Are you insured?

Yes! Every anesthesia provider carries insurance policy limits as required by state law.

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