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The Inspectors Are Coming

Put an umbrella in your coffee and relax!

Office Consult: Insurance


You are going to need a bevy of supplies.  Oral and nasal airways, advanced airways, IVs, fluids, syringes, nasal cannulas and more.  We will help establish multiple accounts with suppliers to keep you stocked up.


You can order the bare minimum medications required in your office.  Epinephrine, Atropine, antiarrhythmics, antiemetics, steroids, anticonvulsants, reversals, muscle relaxants etc.  Our standards exceed requirements of inspectors to ensure you have everything needed for safe office-based sedation.


Patient monitors with capnography, oxygen supply, CPR boards, laryngoscopes, flashlights, backup suction, thermometers...just to name a few.  No problem, we'll cover that too.


Once you receive all of your equipment, medications and supplies we will organize and configure your office to safely and efficiently deliver sedation services.

Educating Staff

You are only as good as the sum of your parts.  We educate staff to assist in sedation dentistry.


Appropriately scheduling sedation is critical to providing successful sedation services.  We will train staff on scheduling and billing sedation cases for both single provider and dedicated provider sedation.


See how having a dedicated anesthesia provider can boost your production.  Avoid the hospitals and keep more patients in your office on your schedule!


Difficult case, questionable patient or uncertain medical history? We are happy to assume care of the patient and allow you to focus solely on the treatment plan.

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